Hiring a Clown: Services and Prices

Image by asierromero on Freepik

Clowns are an excellent way to add a bit of extra fun to make your child’s birthday party truly memorable. However, hiring birthday clowns can be a daunting process. That’s why this article will lay out everything you need to know about clown services, clown prices, and to make hiring a clown easy.

Clown services vary widely from clown to clown. Generally though, birthday clowns will provide activities and entertainment for the kids that will make sure your child’s birthday party is a fun-filled success. Most clowns will offer at least some of the following: magic tricks, dancing, balloon twisting, face painting, temporary tattoos, circus tricks, and more. Many clowns offer any combination of these services for an hourly or package rate.

But how much exactly does a clown cost? Clown prices and services will vary based on several factors. As a general rule of thumb, inexpensive clowns typically charge $100 – $165 an hour, and expensive clowns can cost as much as $220 – $400. These prices will be affected by such factors as travel costs, number of children, time, and what kind of services you request. The larger the party and the longer you want the clown, the more expensive it will be. Many clowns also offer package deals.

For example, one clown offers a package deal for a 1 hour show for a maximum of 15 kids for $150. It includes any combination of face painting, temporary glitter tattoos, funny games, a magic show, and a circus skills tutorial for the kids. Additionally, some clowns will request higher rates for peak times, when clowns are in high demand, such as holidays and weekends. On the other hand, many clowns will also offer discounts for parties during non-peak times, such as weekdays.

Many clowns will request a deposit ahead of the event, and most will charge a cancellation fee. It’s also polite to tip your clowns about $20 for their amazing services; especially if the clown works for a larger clown agency.

When hiring birthday clowns to get a better idea of the costs, you’ll want to request a free consultation, which can usually be done over the phone. During this consultation, the clown can tell you exactly what they charge, what their discount and package deals are, and what services they can and can’t offer. To save money, look for clowns near you, as most will charge for travel over a certain distance, and try to plan around holidays and weekends to take advantage of lower, non-peak prices.

These are only some general guidelines. If you’re looking to hire a birthday clown, research clowns in your area and set up a consultation where you can tell them exactly what services you want and for how long, and they’ll tell you exactly how much their clown services will cost. There’s no end all be all rate for clown prices, but with these guidelines in mind, hiring a clown should be easy.