Clown Supplies

Being a clown can be fun and fulfilling, but you’ll have a hard time of it if you don’t have the necessary equipment. From vibrant makeup to juggling balls, oversized shoes to brightly-colored suspenders and crazy wigs to magic trick tools, there and plenty of different items of interest for beginning and expert clowns alike to make their shows come to life.

In order to become a successful clown, one should learn what tools they can use for the acts they want to perform. If you’d like to have a lot of flashy tricks that boggle the mind, there are plenty of magic items you can utilize. If your show is geared more towards your own gags and laughter, it might be a good idea to really specialize your look to make a profound impression on your audience.

Where, you ask, can one find such important equipment? Worry not, for there are plenty of readily available online stores you can order your supplies from in case there aren’t any stores in your area.

For example, is a great site with plenty of categories for beginners to choose from. The site is easily navigated and it won’t take you long to find what you’re looking for. They also have their own blog that teaches basic skills a beginner could truly benefit from.

Another good source is Their supply of training books and videos can help you on your way to becoming a pro, and their vast selection of usable props such as juggling tools, breakaway wands and fans, color changing streamers and more. stands out in different ways. Alongside a calendar of important events for professional clowns, this website holds a list of various organizations a pro might want to become a part of. If you want to make a career of clowning, it’d definitely be worth looking into this blog.

Of course, ordering your supplies is only one of the first steps to clowning around. There are plenty of ways to improve your act, and it’d be a good idea to keep things interesting between shows. If you always do the same gags every time you go on stage, it might get old, so it’s important to keep your mind open and remember that other tools are there for you to experiment with. With enough training and experience, though, you can use these tools to become a great clown in no time at all!