How to Hire Clowns

Hire a clown at the right price.Having a clown at a child’s birthday party or similar event is a great way to entertain parents and children alike, and is sure to create lasting memories of a fantastic party. However, there are several things to keep in mind when deciding on a clown to hire to ensure the event goes smoothly.

When looking for the perfect clown, it’s important to learn exactly what talents the clown is able to perform, and to decide what sort of show is best for the age group he or she is performing for. Birthday clowns often can do a wide range of different types of tricks and entertainment. Making balloon animals, face painting, performing magic tricks, juggling, playing musical instruments and/or singing are just a few of the various talents clowns can perform. Young children may be more interested in balloon animals while older children may get excited for magic. Ask potential clowns exactly what their show entails.

Pricing is certainly another factor to consider. Clown prices will vary on a variety of different factors, including the performer’s experience, travel, length of the show, and what the show will entail. Many clowns will work with a budget, and may be willing to adjust the show length and performance based on the budget for the event. If you’re looking to hire clowns, don’t be afraid to ask about different pricing options to fit your budget.

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Though clowns are loved by many children, it is also possible that some children in attendance may be afraid of them. If you know that some children may be wary of the clown, see if the performer has any tips. Some clowns don’t wear makeup or tone down their outfit if children may be afraid. Any child who is scared when the clown arrives should be allowed to leave the room or stay to the back, away from the clown. He or she will likely warm up to the clown once the show starts and others are having fun.

Of course, the worst thing that could happen is everyone being excited for the show and the clown being a flop. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and referrals when you hire clowns. If another child had a clown at his or her birthday, ask the parents for contact information. Some clowns may have reviews on their website. A list of good reviews can provide the reassurance the clown is professional and provides a fun and entertaining show.

Of course, it’s important to have a contract with the clown to outline expectations and make sure if something goes wrong, you’re protected. Make sure the arrival time and show length are clearly outlined, in addition to any specific expectations during the show. Any professional clown will appreciate having these things specified in a contract. These tips will help make the process of hiring birthday clowns easier, and ensure that your child’s party is a fun and memorable day.